Six on Saturday

It is an unseasonably 80F with high humidity today, but don’t get excited, freezing temps overnight in the next few days mean we should not plant anything tender yet! I now have the beginnings of French tarragon and tiny dill seedlings. The violets have broken soil, so I will have lovely violets before long. The daffodils will not last long with this heat, so I cut a few for a vase. The hummingbird feeder is up. The best thing is that with help from my husband, I now have my second rain barrel installed. Husbands were not harmed (much) in the making of this Six on Saturday post. Only a small amount of blood was drawn.

The new rain barrel. I might have to remove the upper level of blocks – something about water not wanting to flow uphill…
French tarragon – a gift that keeps on giving!
Violets! Well, the plants anyway.
Dill – love how it reseeds. Also, black swallowtail butterflies will lay eggs on this.
Rhubarb reminds me of my grandmother, who always made the sauce.
Hummingbird feeder – I did not fill it full since I have yet to see a hummer.
Cut daffodils in a Swedish crystal vase

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9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

    1. Thanks! I had the diverter installed when I replaced the gutters – when the barrels are full, the water goes down the downspout. It has two ports and I had one plugged, but last year I came up short on water due to drought, and I am expanding my garden this year, so I anticipate needing more. It is also how I water my houseplants as well.


    1. Thanks! I am hoping that the weeping cherry will soon bless me with beautiful blossoms – late compared to last year. We are still in moderate drought, and my garden suffered a bit last year because I was stingy with my house water. Having a 110 gallon capacity will certainly help! The hummers will come. They are in the state, and who knows? They may have visited when I wasn’t looking.

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    1. Some people have very large water reservoirs. Mine are only 55 gallons each, which does not go so far in the garden. RainReserve sells a diverter that attaches to the downspout and allows two barrels per downspout. One could also link them instead so that the water would flow into both containers – that is probably more common. I especially like rain water for the houseplants – no mineral deposits on my decorative planters. I have saved win bottles which I fill and store in my basement for winter houseplant use.

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