Marinated Zucchini

I had a few zucchini that I wanted to eat and stumbled across this recipe for easy marinated zucchini. I used my box grater to slice the zucchini into rounds, and used white wine vinegar. Instead of oregano, I used dried thyme from the garden. I crushed the garlic cloves with the heel of my hand. Then I get to the part about letting it marinate for 24 to 72 hours! I was hungry! I managed to wait an hour, and it was pretty good – can’t wait to see how it is tomorrow. I might steam my eggplant and toss it in there too…Hmmm.

I highly recommend this simple and delicious side. Versatile, and flavourful.

On a whim, I sliced two Japanese eggplant and salted as for the zucchini, then, when it had drained, I mixed it in with the rest. I think it works well. I was debating to steam it lightly but the skin stays a nicer colour this way. I could have sliced it more carefully, a few eggplant slices are on the thick side, but not too far from ideal. I have it in a glass bowl with a lid, rather than jars, because I did not have any that were a reasonable size. I need to visit garage sales – I bet I could find mason jars for a good price.


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