Six on Saturday May 14, 2022

It was an amazingly hot week. Yesterday we hit 92 degrees, and the only difference was that it was a bit less humid during the day, a mere 32%, compared to the oppressive humidity we had during the rest of the week. It has been dry, and my rain barrels were getting low, with all the watering of seedlings and baby trees, so I was hopeful as thunder rumbled overhead – we were blessed with a nice soaking rain, nearly 2.5 inches, complete with thunder and lightning.

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I am drinking my coffee and waiting for better light to snap my pictures, and reading other SOS posts. Exciting news: as I made a cup of coffee for my husband, I looked out the window and saw my first hummingbird of the season. I have been experiencing hummingbird envy, as there have been sightings up into Canada, and I had yet to see a single one.

So here they are:

  • What’s blooming (violets, chives, crab apple tree),
  • Asclepias verticillata planted in yesterday (you can also see A. foeniculum and E. purpurea in the background)
  • Progress on the new native plants (Geum triflorum, Lobelia cardinalis showing new growth, Sisyrinchium angustifolium, Sporobolis heterolepsis, and Verbena hastata showing growth from its bare root dead stick phase
  • Elderberry planted spring of 2021
  • Weeping cherry, all bloomed out
  • Rhubarb ready to eat, baby kale and snow pea seedlings
Sambucus canadensis – no sign of buds yet. Lilacs in the background, not putting on much of a show.
The heat really took its toll on the blossoms, but the little guy is looking healthy.

5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday May 14, 2022

    1. I ordered most from Prairie Moon Nursery, but the prairie dropseed and the impulse buy blue eyed grass I got from my garden center across the street, Spent much of the day weeding around the edge of the garden but it got a bit warm and I ran out of shady areas to weed, so came in for a bite. Hopefully I will find time to get back out there. I want things prepped for mulching.

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  1. Your garden looks healthy! I enjoy seeing that you are planting plenty of natives there. I’m hoping for a show from our lilacs to begin this week. Is your lilac show completed or was it just not a stellar year?


    1. They are delightful! I grew up in San Diego, where they are a year round treat. Very inquisitive. Saw a female again this morning, so I guess they are finally around my neighborhood. We typically only have the ruby throated, but in San Diego there are several varieties. The ants discovered the feeder as well, so I sprayed the bottom half of the post with neem oil to discourage them.

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