Six on Saturday April 16, 2022

Although I did not take a picture of it, the elderberry leaf buds are mostly broken now, the whole length of the branches. It will be lovely if and when we get some warmth. Did I mention that I did not take the picture due to the horrible icy wind? So, imagine picture six as an elderberry that is breaking bud slowly but surely. I just couldn’t take another picture, and anyway with the wind I had to hold everything steady so it wouldn’t be all a blur.

So, still waiting on the connection kit for the new barrel. Tomorrow I will pick up the extra cinder blocks, and some pea gravel to go under the blocks, as the back side of the house does not have rocks under the eaves. When I get the connector kit I will be ready to collect twice as much water as before. Only downside – we decided we want to move the other barrel, and it is full of water. Approximately 458 pounds of water… So I will have to give some of the water up. I guess I can fill the rest of my house water bottles, and I can transfer water to the new barrel, not all of it, but what I can lift. Then I will have to spill much of the water out. In the long run, I will have more capacity and that is a beautiful thing.

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